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Happy Monday!  Or, the day that ruined my weekend, as I like to call it.  Ha!  I’m currently trying to figure out how to swing a four day work week.  Anyone have ideas?  Couldn’t we all just collectively agree that Monday is a weekend day?  Or maybe change needs to come from the top, maybe it’s a political matter.  Banish daylight savings and turn Monday into a weekend day!  These are the things I will do for you if you elect me President in 2016!!!  Until that happens I suppose I’ll continue my relatively peaceful protest of both daylight savings and Monday right here on A House in the Hills.  And I’ll serve up some pretty home inspiration to try to cheer us all up.  Onward my friends!  xx- Sarah {via:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 }

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  1. Cate|

    You’ve got my vote! Seriously crushing on all of these. Not sure if it makes sense in my tiny bathroom, but pretty sure I need a small stool next to my tub a la pic #4.

  2. Krista|

    Hi there!
    Just curious to know where all the bedding, furnishings, paint colour (if known) are all from??
    Thank you very much! Look forward to hearing from you, i am so in love with this space!!!

    Krista x