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How are you all doing with #GetFitSeptember?!  I’m loving it, I have so much more energy and am seeing muscle come back to places it’s been missing for WAY too long, which is endlessly satisfying!  Bean and I have been starting our mornings with a hike- which we both love- and then meeting Lou for breakfast.  Getting my workout in first thing ensures that I won’t skip it AND helps me get through the day with a little extra energy.  And, this is my favorite part, I’ve started to practice the art of not looking like an absolute mess after a workout!  I change my shirt, swap out my sneaks for some sandals, add a bag, sunglasses, a hat and I’m ready to go (see the shoppable image below for details)!  I can be in public with none the wiser to how very much I need a shower and blow dry.  It’s still a million degrees here in Southern CA (I swear September always feels like the hottest month!) so I’ve not been including too many layers, but when the temperatures start to drop I’ll throw on an oversized cardigan and some booties for a perfectly cozy Fall look.  I’ve been getting excited about fitness clothes (I’m in love with the Athleta leggings I’m wearing in these photos) and finding ways to incorporate them into my busy lifestyle- little adjustments like this make working out so much more doable!  Happy getting fit everyone!  xx- Sarah

This post brought to you by Athleta, the premier fitness fashion brand for women.



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  1. Daisy|

    you look so comfy! I recently purchased and athleta top (first purchase I made from that brand) and I really really like it!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks Daisy! Right?! I’ve been continually impressed with every Athleta piece I’ve gotten!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Don’t I hear you Christine!!! I’ve been sticking mostly to indoor exercise in the air conditioning. But maybe Get Fit October would be better for you? :)

  2. amanda|

    i haven’t really been doing fit september buuuttttt i did go to the gym tonight after work! so proud of myself! YEAH!

    that chloe bag though… insert that emoji with the raised palms… beaut-i-ful!