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Happy Friday my friends!  How is your #EatCleanAugust going?!  I need updates please!  Are you still with me?  I fell off the wagon for my birthday.  Ok toppled off it and landed in a pile of birthday cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies.  And pizza.  And burrata with grilled peaches.  Yes, it was a wildly delicious fall!  But I came crawling back to my clean eating the next day, happy and full and ready to get back to healthy, whole foods.  I’m trying to share my prettiest meals on my Instagram to keep you inspired!  But I need some help, there’s two weeks left and I need to know at least some of you are still with me!  It’s kept me motivated knowing that I’m accountable to all of you, so thank you for that.  So please, tell me if you will, how is it going on your end?!  Details por favor!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  xx- Sarah

This may be the perfect lunch for these hot dog days of Summer!

Easy tofu, ginger and sesame lettuce cups that sound so delicious!

peach and jalapeño salsa that looks divine.

I have my eye on these vegan peanut butter cupcakes.  Ok, both eyes.

So not vegan or healthy, but good lord this looks amazing.

This cashew-gurt breakfast recipe sounds absolutely amazing, especially topped with fruit!

Baked squash blossoms stuffed with beet humus.  You’re welcome.

Hearty and homemade crackers that might possibly change your life.

This peppery edamame sounds like a great snack or easy side dish!

An eggplant and cucumber salad that is spicy, beautiful and healthy!

Breakfast Banana Bread Ice Cream Sundaes. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Reader Comments

  1. Rose D'Angelo|

    Now I don’t feel so bad that I fell off the wagon too!! I’ll start again Monday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Lavender hill|

    I made your gluten free banana bread that you shared a while ago and am making that with banana and fresh figs and raisins.

  3. Traci|

    Your birthday splurges made me laugh. Because I understand. Your instagram eats are gorgeous! You just got a new follower.

  4. Vicky|

    Check out foodfixup app and on Instagram, I stumbled across her the other day and have been so inspired by her recipes, let alone the food photography! X

  5. Chenell Tannure|

    So, I’m with you, but with a twist. I am waiting for you to finish clean eating August so that I have a menu to follow for a clean eating September. I haven’t found a “cleanse” (meaning clean food as opposed to just juice) that seems both truly healthy and appetizing. I feel like the foods you’re making fit the bill consistently, so…when you’ve finished your month of posts, I’ll have a shopping list just happily winking at me from my screen. Hooray! So stick to it…for my sake! ; )

  6. Nina|

    I think I’ll do a month of #EatCleanSeptember because I had to drop off the clean eating on August due to one full week of music festival (followed by few days of soft food due to a stomach bug AND a wisdom tooth removal…). Even thought I tried to eat vegetarian (and even vegan!) most of the time, pizza evey evening can’t be labelled as clean I fear… But I’m still with you for the last days of August! Thank you for the constant inspiration!