Asos Striped Dress For The Win


I’m wearing shiny new birthday Converse, it’s true!  Also, a dress that’s well under $100 and I’ve worn three times in the past two weeks.  Because it’s essentially pajamas you can wear with lipstick.  Which everyone knows is next to Godliness.  Signing off now so I can get an inspiring spaces post together for this afternoon!  xx- Sarah

Dress: The Fifth, Jacket: Current Elliot (here and here), Sneakers: Converse, bag: B-Low the Belt, Sunnies: Karen Walker, Watch: Michael Kors, Rings: Jules Smith, Losselliani 

asos_striped_dress_A_house_in_the_hills-9 asos_striped_dress_A_house_in_the_hills-4 asos_striped_dress_A_house_in_the_hills-7 asos_striped_dress_A_house_in_the_hills-6

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  1. Kate|

    Love my own striped dress ( I wear it all the time) and it is as comfortable as PJ’s, but I love how you styled it with the green “army” jacket + converse…will do!

  2. Kiki|

    First time on your blog…hello. :)
    Love this little outfit you put together…it’s super cute and easy to wear. Perfect for chilled weekends.