Inspiring Spaces- Kitchens!


Do you remember how on MTV cribs everyone would always say “THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS” when it got to the bedroom part of the tour?  Me neither, I am far too classy to watch crap like that.  I must’ve just picked that up somewhere.  And now I always say “THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS” when I bring people on a tour of our house and we arrive in the kitchen- my favorite place to be.  That’s not weird,right? They’re definitely not judging me when I say that, not at all.  Completely unrelated- these kitchens are SO GOOD I can’t cope.  I adore our kitchen but some days I really wish I could renovate it and turn it into a bright white carrara marble love den.  *Ahem* Kitchen.  xx- Sarah  {Sources:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 }

new_0cabin-kitchen-101sm2 14-174314-1 IMG_2894-1

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  1. Natalie|

    open shelves in a kitchen are my future kitchen dream!!!! love all of this, especially the hand stools!

  2. Ana|

    Oh I wish our landlord would allow us to renovate our kitchen! SO much inspiration out there. I love how Sarah of Smitten Studio redid her cabin kitchen. Just simple yet beautiful.

  3. Jane|

    The island/table and rug are such a great mix of elements in the first picture. And who wouldn’t love a wall that opens to the outside?! Great colors too. Actually, I’m pretty certain I already have this pinned!

  4. Kat|

    Haha, yes I remember “this is where the magic happens” and the next a fast forward scene of walking through the hallway :) Beautiful space, I am crazy about those hand stools!!