White and Blue and Summer All Over


This outfit is the thing my Summer dreams are made of:  lightweight, breezy, fun.  I just don’t understand why there are any other seasons?!  I kid, I kid!   Kind of.  I love Spring, Winter and Fall, don’t be sad weather lovers!  But I probably would live in perpetual Summer if I could.  Which is a big part of the reason we moved to Palm Springs.  I sometimes joke that it’s really a perfect #caftanlife here in the desert, and that I’m a wildly happy muumuu wearer. Remind me of this come the end of September when I’m complaining about wanting to cozy up in furry oversized sweaters, ok?  Sometimes I fall trap to that grass is always greener thing!  #muumuusforever  xx- Sarah  PS- I just made some major updates to the shop page, pop over and see what else is on my absurdly long wishlist!

Shop this outfit:  Skirt: Rebecca Minkoff, shirt:  Viva Aviva, shoes: Brian Atwood (sold out but another color I love here and a similar style I love here), bag: Chloe, sunglasses: Karen Walker, bracelets: Giles & Brother, Kristen Elspeth, Alexis Bittar, rings: Losselliani, Jules Smith

rebecca_minkoff_skirt__a_house_in_the_hills-6rebecca_minkoff_skirt__a_house_in_the_hills-7 rebecca_minkoff_skirt__a_house_in_the_hills-4


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  1. Nina|

    Pretty! Love the lenght of the skirt and the high waist with the crop top! I think that this is the only way I like crop tops actaully, with high-waisted skirts! And you always have the prettiest shoes! (But oh, my God, I could never walk with these, I’m way too akward on thin heels!)
    Ah season change… I think I can’t tell which is my favourite season. I like all of them, the spring with its first blossoms and little green leaves popping here and there, summer and its long, sunny days, its parties and trips to the sea, fall and its comforting vibe, its beautiful colours, and winter with its crisp mornings and its ice blue sky, the frost on leaves and the snow, all the celebrations, the hot tea and litres of soup! Unfortunately, we have a very moody summer this year and I can’t enjoy it to its fullest. I had planned hikings, barbecues with friends, happy hours, and none of that is happenning. I’m already starting to think about fall and we’re not even in August! I’m actually curling up in blankets already! The only thing that reminds me that it’s summer is all the beautiful veggies and fruits we have at the farmers’ market!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thanks Nina! Such a bummer you’re not having the best weather this Summer! I remember that growing up on the east coast- if it was rainy for one of the three short months of Summer I would be SO upset! But you’re right, all the seasons bring their own goodness and beauty! :)

  2. Lauren|

    Omg, you are just too cute!! I LOVE this entire outfit, but when you turned around? The BACK of that shirt- my mouth dropped!!! PERFECT!

    • Sarah Yates|

      Thank you Lauren, you are so sweet! And I agree, the back of this shirt is amazing!!! :) xx