I’ve got a little bit of home inspiration for you today that has me wishing we had ten more rooms in this house!  We’re nearing the end of our decorating and it makes me a little crazy.  Which is a sickness, I totally recognize that I promise!  I know I should just live in the absolute happiness that I adore our home (AND I DO!).  But I also think things like “wouldn’t be amazing to live in a mid century house with a white brick wall and a fireplace?” and “wouldn’t it be incredible to have a long farm-style dining table for entertaining?”  I suppose it’s how I feel about dogs- I could weep that I’ll never be able to have all of the types and personalities of dogs that I want.  Same-same for homes and decor.  Such is life, right?!   Too little time here on this earth, too much goodness to be had…. Hope you find these homes as day-dream inspiring as I do!  xx- Sarah

TDF_Tennyson_St135613 modern_dining_room_via_domino_magazine_10394

Images via 1 &  2 / 3 – 5  {more after the jump}

modern_living_room_via_domino_magazine_10394 modern_living_room_via_domino_magazine_10494

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  1. kari|

    ugh, me too. I want all types of places to live. One mid-century house, a loft somewhere, then maybe a ranch in Montana to live out my Legends of the Fall dreams.

  2. Jane|

    I completely understand! My whole life I have said that I want a cottage at the beach, a log cabin out west, a penthouse in New York, a villa in Tuscany, a pied de terre in Paris….so many amazing places and styles. I better get started! 🙂

  3. Latrina | Of Trees & Hues|

    Such beautiful rooms, Sarah! I hope you share more of your own home, once the decorating is complete. 🙂

    Have fun and enjoy it! That second photo is making me want to paint something large to go over my own couch! <3

    P.s. THAT LAST ROOM — oh my! Love the wood & brick. Perfection! Pinning now. 🙂

  4. Lo|

    Love your dining table, especially the fact that it can seat 8!
    Where did you get it? And if I may ask, how long is it?