Hi friends!  I couldn’t get a post together yesterday to save my life.  Maybe I hit a creative wall, or maybe I just needed a good nap (they solve EVERYTHING, right?!).  What are you all up to this weekend?  We’ve had friends over for a fun and tasty dinner, are headed for a hike and I’ll probably get a little yoga in later too.  Kind of a perfect weekend so far.  And then tomorrow it’s a bit of work, some time with my little sister and a date night with my Lou.  I love these weekends at home, it’s such a treat.  Hope you’re all enjoying yours as well!  xx- Sarah  (image via)

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    • Sarah Yates|

      Liz that’s so exciting, congrats on your upcoming move!!
      I love Big Brothers Big Sisters and am on the lookout for another organization to volunteer with. Do you have any you’d recommend?!

  1. Keila|

    I love how your weekends are so organized and filled w/ variety! Thanks for the inspiration.