Happy Friday everyone!  WHAT A WEEK!!!  Phew, I’m SO ready for the weekend.  Does everyone else feel that way? I’d like one of those blood orange and thyme Palomas please!  I could probably write a novel today but I’ll try to keep it short.  First, I’m so happy you all liked yesterday’s post as much as I did!  Next up….homemade beauty products, which I’m hopeful will be equally fun. And then I have a long list of ideas for the future to tackle, I’m feeling so inspired right now.  Isn’t that the best?!

I have a question for you- so many of you have left comments here,  on Instagram and Facebook asking me to write a cookbook, which is hugely flattering.  My question is, if I were to tackle that project, is there anything specific that you would love to see?  No promises, I’m just trying to guage interest and see if maybe there’s something that I could include in a cookbook that’s not on this site and would love to hear what might be inspiring for you!  Thanks so much in advance!  A list of links for your weekend after the jump.  And I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekend style post so pop on back if you get the chance!  Wishing you all a most relaxing and refreshing weekend! xx- Sarah  (image via Jen/Birds of a Feather for The Life Styled)

OMG THESE!  Easy enough to make vegan too with almond milk, earth balance and chia egg!

I haven’t bought jeans in forever, but I just got these and I love them sooo much! (also ordered this and love it too!)

These look like an easy, tasty treat to whip up! And this, so healthy and satisfying I bet!

This is happening!!!

Our amazingly talented friend Barbara recently did this, and my mind is blown.

For my creative peeps, a fantastic reminder!

Pea tendrils are my favorite thing lately, so this looks like a taste of heaven!

Ok, I ADMIT IT, I ordered this too! Something about the change of seasons brings out the shopper in me!

I’m always happy to read things like this!

I so wish I could make something like this happen with this ol’ mop of mine!

Oh, my heart!  Baby zebras are totally where it’s at!

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  1. Katie|

    Please, please write a cookbook! I have been hoping you would ever since I started reading your blog. Seriously every recipe I have tried is so amazing. You have made using asian flavors not so scary and my life has for real improved 100% since I started making some of your recipes. It's just so great to be able to make delicious food with ingredients that I usually have on hand. I would just love a lot of your recipes you already have on here in book form. But basically the recipes I love the most are the ones that make foods like broccoli and millet taste amazing. I love all your desserts, but I feel like the hardest part about healthy eating is making basic healthy foods taste amazing and new when you eat them all the time. I would just love to have more recipes for salads, noodle bowls, rice bowls, goodness bowls etc.

    Thanks for such great inspiration!


  2. Rachel|

    I love the recipes that you post that have a limited number of ingredients (and always healthy, delicious, and beautiful). So many food blogs make meals that only people with a career in food have time to prepare. Food you posted have become part of my go-to weekly never fail dinner plans. I would buy this cook book.

  3. jill|

    I agree with rachel! I love your simple ingredients but full of flavor food! Your photos are so beautiful and make everything look so delicious. I love cook books that have accompanying photos with each recipe.
    I recently found out that I have Ulcerative Colitis and your blog has been so encouraging to me. All my doctors tell me there's nothing I should change about my eating habits and to take the medication they prescribed me (9 pills a day). I feel very lost and don't know what to do next, but I think about how you are handling crohn's and I have hope. You are the only person I "know" who is doing it this way. I'd love to hear more about how it is going for you now. Thank you for telling your story.. it really means a lot to me.

  4. Gail Goldman|

    Your recipes are lovely and I think a cookbook would be great. I think a vegan entertaining angle would be a good one. Maybe less exciting but more useful, in some ways, would be a vegan breakfast cookbook with healthy items one can eat every day. There's a definite lack of those books around (there's one great brunch book and lots of smoothie books, but that's about it). I'm sure whatever you come up with will be delightful!

  5. melissa|

    I love all of your recipes, & your food photos are so inspiring. I agree with Gail's suggestion of a vegan entertaining angle! I also remember that you have done the VedaWise cleanses with Laura (spring cleanse starts Monday, yay!) & I would love to see more ayurveda inspired recipes. I'd love for someone to write a modern day ayurveda vegan cookbook book!

    Also…when you return to San Diego, if you ever want to teach a food photography & styling workshop, I have a few blogger friends who would sign up in a heart beat – myself included ( hint, hint!)

  6. ali|

    i would love to see you write a cookbook! i adore your recipes and photos and would buy it no matter what, but i'd love to hear you expound upon the finer details of your diet/lifestyle you've incorporated over time to find your optimum balance of health in dealing with autoimmune illness, like the recommendations you've received from your accupuncturist. i find all of it very helpful and interesting!

  7. Jen|

    Obviously I'd love your cookbook for the yummy recipes and gorgeous photos, but what could be unique apart from the blog is incorporating meal planning. Like how do you plan for the week so meals use some of the same ingredients so you're not buying exclusively for each meal but are diverse enough that you aren't eating asian noodle bowls 4 out of 7 nights? This has been my biggest challenge.

  8. josie|

    oh sarah please write a cookbook!! as a frequent sufferer of various digestive issues, i'd love to know all the awesome go-to recipes after you've had stomach/intestinal issues yourself. what are the meals that help you detox your body and get you back on track feeling healthy and great

  9. Cris|

    I would love a cookbook of recipes using minimal ingredients with a lot of taste that are vegan and gluten free.