I’m sure I’ve pinned images from this house tour, but I had never clicked through to see the entire tour before today.  And oh my wow, I love it!  So simple and beautiful.  And I am totally going to steal the idea of the giant succulents in vases, oh yes I am!  Lou and I are wrapping up the finishing touches on our home and I’m itching to share the final results!  It seems like it takes a lifetime for the last bits and bobs to come together, doesn’t it? Allrightthen.  See you tomorrow!  xx- Sarah via  (more after the jump)

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  1. Kate|

    I love how open and airy everything looks. So clean and streamlined. I really like the simplicity of the greens….it's a refreshing change from the always predictable vase of flowers. And I love the natural feel of the rustic utensil holders!

  2. Heather & Elliott|

    We'd love to have some of these giant succulents in jars for our apartment. Do you know what they are?