My love of stripes knows no bounds!  And I’m not afraid to mix my patterns- a wide striped crop top with thin striped heels and a cow print bag?  Sure thing, sign me up!  And call me crazy but I asked for your advice on what to do with my hair to mix it up a bit and the most common answer was to grow out my bangs a bit and sweep them to the side.  It’s been some weeks in the making but they’re FINALLY sweeping instead of just blinding me.  I mean, seriously, there were a lot of days that looked like this!  I know it’s kind of hard to tell in the photos, but what do you think?  Should I continue to grow them and sweep them?  My only complaint is that I can no longer get away with letting my eyebrows turn into wild caterpillars, there is an extra bit of grooming required.  Oh, hair decisions.  And yes, I’m aware that I’m incredibly boring and this is a paragraph about sweeping my bangs to the side, a barely noticeable change.  I think this speaks to what a giant baby I am when it comes to my hair, which is why your advice is extra appreciated!  xx- Sarah {more after the jump}

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  Skirt: Tibi (similar here and here), Shirt: Bailey 44, shoes:  Alice+Olivia (similar), bag: Clare Vivier, watch: Marc Jacobs, Bracelet: Kristen Elspeth, Lips: Nars “Heat Wave”


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  1. Katie|

    I love the bangs! It gives you a whole new look. i agree with the previous comment, very parisian chci!

  2. Nicki M|

    Gorgeous! I literally just said to my husband that I'm loving the midi-skirt/ cropped top look right now. Nailed it!

  3. jill|

    love the outfit, you have the nice shape for it, very pretty. the bangs…not so much..they look heavy and weigh your face too much…just a thought. maybe grow them out way longer?