Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’ve got something fun on the books.  We’re headed into San Diego for a night to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then have friends staying with us until Tuesday.  So there will be lots of cooking, lots of laughing and lots of rest.  My idea of a perfect weekend!  A list of links to keep you entertained after the jump.  See you next week!  xx- Sarah

I would love to go kayaking in this spot above.  It would feel like a dream, wouldn’t it?  Image via.

I had a good chuckle over this!

My pal Liza is headed to the Philippines to help rebuild, and she’s fundraising here.  Every little bit helps!

I would love for this family to adopt me, please!

I would totally get married in this dress.  SO beautiful!

Would you do this?!  So many good reminders…

I had zero idea that chia seeds could inspire this!

It got kinda crazy beautiful here the other night, in the best way!

These are looking like a delicious plan for the weekend!

Bean’s sister from another mister, Maddie.

I’m hungry for this, right now, please!

This made me grin.  And so did THIS!

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  1. Katja|

    this beautiful river is called Soa. You should totally come for a visit, it's awesome!
    And I'm so excited to see this picture on one of my favorite blogs.
    Love from Slovenia,