These ladies are all explemplifying everything that is so badass about neutrals, right?  Color me smitten, I can’t get enough!  I’ve rounded up some of what I consider to be netural essentials below.  I am seriously considering building my entire closet this year around neutrals and throwing in little pops of color via accessories.  Hope you love!  And before I go, I want to thank you all for the amazing comments on Friday’s post and for sharing your own stories with me.  As always, I’m humbled that such an amazing group of women are reading A House in the Hills!  Thank you.  xx- Sarah   


All photos via Vanessa Jackman

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  1. Megan|

    I'm currently loving neutrals. I find that putting together pieces is much quicker with a closet full of neutrals. love this post!

  2. Bettina|

    LOVE all of these looks. Thanks for posting the source, I'd seen a couple of her photos on Pinterest. It'll be nice to now scroll through her entire site!

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