It’s been a slow month or two for house decorating so I’m looking to the outside world for inspiration.  And I’m finding it in spades with these incredible modern homes!  I’ve decided that in our next home I have to have windows that run from floor to ceiling.  It may be the only thing currently on my ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE list! Oh, that and a bath tub!  Our house doesn’t have a bathtub and I guess I’ve always taken having one for granted because man oh man do I miss it!  Anything on your ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE LIST that I should know about? (This is a little game I like to play called fantasy house design- I drag Lou into it all the time!)  Happy Friday everyone, have a tasty weekend!  xx- Sarah {more after the jump}

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  1. marlene|

    a fireplace! we had one at our old place that was gas and I miss the ease with which we could just turn it on and off. my future place would preferably have one gas and one wood-burning. you just can't beat the aroma of a wood-burning fire!!!

  2. Kayla|

    We're apartment-hunting right now and my must haves would be:

    1. good light
    2. a bathtub
    3. a somewhat updated home….We're living in an OLD home now and as charming as it was at first, we're ready to not listen to our neighbors' every moves; not have rickety, rattling windows; and not have old pipes that clog frequently.

    I would reaaaaalllly like non-carpeted floors so I can say goodbye to cleaning tacky carpets, but carpet seems to still be the norm for rented apartments in our area.

    I've also never felt comfortable enough to paint a rented space? Hoping to do that next time.

  3. sarah yates|

    @ Marlene- OH YES!!! a fireplace!! nay, TWO fireplaces! I love this idea!

    @kayla- renter woes, I feel your pain! Paint makes a huge impact on a space, we always painted our rentals. (and if the paint was dated, we always asked for the landlord to pay for at least a large portion of the update when we were going with neutral colors!)

  4. Tunie|

    I have a bathtub but NEED it to be in a different room, or at least far away from, the toilet. How am I supposed to take a bath with my head resting next to the t. bowl?? Impossible that this is the standard.

    Also, I love the photo (assuming it is) hanging in the dining room perpendicular to the mirror – really suits that space perfectly.

  5. Sarah (highgate hill kitchen)|

    Definitely a bathtub! I feel your lack – I also miss having a tub. Also wooden floorboards which I would cover with fantastic rugs in winter. High ceilings for my 6'7" partner. But my real fantasy house would have a huge, light, spacious kitchen with a fantastic oven, marble bench tops, and a big island in the middle.

  6. Claire|

    I'm totally in love with the last picture Sarah, just goooorgeous! You're really inspiring me at the moment with your posts, thanks for sharing x