Hello my friends!  I know it’s late in the day but I wanted to pop in with a quick hello!  I’ve spent the past week celebrating with friends (a new tradition that helps stave off those post-Christmas blues that always settle into me in between Christmas and New Year).  It’s been the most wonderful, loving, fun way to end the year!  I feel so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives.  After our final houseguest had left I spent some time reflecting on what this next year will bring.  I started to feel overwhelmed.  There’s so much I want to accomplish, so many changes I want to make, so much I want to do.  And then this email from Bhava Ram arrived in my inbox.  It was exactly the reminder I needed, and hopefully it will be for you as well!  Happy New Year everyone, may it be your best ever!  xx- Sarah   {photo via}

You can do it. No exceptions.

You can turn your whole world upside down and inside out.

Yes you can.

You can heal and grow and create and manifest miracles.

You can be the change you seek, inspire others and astonish yourself.

Yes you can.

In the very next breath you take, you can begin stepping towards the truth of who you really are with a sense of awesome adventure.

Oh yes you can.

You can make this your year and watch as dreams come true before your eyes.

Oh yes, yes, yes you can.

- Bhava Ram

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  1. Jane|

    Wow! I can't even tell you how perfect the timing is with this post. Each word of this message is just what I need to hear. I am particularly frustrated at this very moment and it is almost scary how specifically each sentence speaks to me. It's a perfect reminder that it will happen and yes I can. We all can. Thanks

  2. Carelia|

    Happy New Year to you!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking through your beautiful outfits.

    "See how I dressed up a chambray shirt for NYE" on:

  3. mona|

    Awsome words! Will send them to all The people i love and then make a print to display at strategical points at home…. the right boost at the right moment! Thank you and Happy New Year to you! Mona