Two things are in-your-face obvious right now.  The first:  The holiday season should extend through the second week of January.  By the time I’ve hit my festive stride it’s time to pack up all the glitter and call it done for the year.  That’s unacceptable!  I want to celebrate until mid-January.  I call for a cease and desist on work for the first two weeks on the year!  Who’s with me?!  Now for the second thing: I really need a bang trim.  I’m living in a perpetual state of hair in my eyeballs.  I feel like a shetland pony.  And, while we’re on the subject (hair, not ponies), I am getting that itch to do something different to the mop, to mix it up a bit.  I just gave it a trim, but I’m thinking maybe a full on chop is in order.  Or some coloring?  Something!  Thoughts?  Help a shetland pony out!  xx- Sarah  {more after the jump}

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  skirt: Endless Rose, blouse: Madewell (similar), shoes: Alice & Olivia, bag: Clare Vivier, lips: Nars Heat Wave

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  1. sarah yates|

    thank you lily and aileen!

    marlene, i love that idea! something that would look good straight too! like this:

    @bethany thank you! i don't know if i'm brave enough to do something that dramatic! are you thinking a bright red or more strawberry blonde red? or dark red? (i can only think of clare danes in my so called life when i think of dark red hair! haha!)

  2. Sarah|

    How bout more of a swoopy side bang, and I'd like to see your hair DARk, like deep chestnut brown. Love that sassy little skirt!

  3. sarah yates|

    oh Sarah, I love that idea!!! will ask my hair stylist about how to grow out a swoopy side bang! i also love the dark idea… will have to discuss and see what's possible with these locks! thank you! xx

  4. june2|

    You do rock those bangs, so it's tough to say but I'll second a combination of the other comments: side bangs and chestnut brown. The only red hair I love is natural, because what's magical is the color that only nature can do. Coloring doesn't work for red, imo. But multi-hue'd chestnut would be beautiful and long side bangs are so sexy and European..