I really wanted to share a recipe for ginger molasses cookies with you today.  As evidenced here I gave them the good college try.  And while the texture and consistency was spot on, the taste was…. I think disgusting is really the best word to describe them.  Lou actually spit the bite he took out.  Ouch!  A complete baking fail.  It happens.  It happens to me a lot, actually.  

I have a confession to make:  I rarely follow recipes.  I realize how that may sound coming from someone who develops recipes, but the truth is my fun in the kitchen is had by experimenting.  And although my cookies were basically inedible, I had a great time making them and coming up with ideas on how to re-do them.   Yes, I am reinventing the wheel.  But what’s so wrong with that?  Wouldn’t you love to be the person who REINVENTED THE WHEEL?!  I suppose it’s all about how you look at things.  I suppose LIFE is all about how you look at things.  (note to self)  But, since the molasses ginger cookies were inedible, I have to move on from them for the moment.  Instead I present you with Laura’s Vanilla Bean Waffle Ice Cream Sammies With Maple Berry Mash. These are the exact opposite of a cooking fail.  GET IN MY MOUTH.  xx- Sarah

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  1. jamie @ arugulaholic|

    It happens, it happens! I usually fail when I experiment with baked goods, since that's all science and formulas, and I'm culinary trained…. They look good though!