I love decorating the little spaces in a house as much as the big spaces.  Creating a pretty something to look at in the hallway, a vignette on a patio, sprucing up a corner of a room that could easily be left un-decorated… I LOVE IT ALL!  We recently a plant and a black and white photo to our hallway, keeping it simple and sweet.  But it’s amazing how much more lived in the house feels when these little spaces have something pretty happening! See more of our house decorating progress HERE if you please!  xx- Sarah  {planter via Gilt, plant is a snake plant)

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  1. Heather @ RestlessOasis|

    LOVE your entryway..that planter! I know you said it's from Gilt, but who makes it?

    • Kelley|

      I make it and sell it at as well as through re-sellers like Sarah-love the photos of the bullet planter! Thanks for posting. I’ll send you an email with contact information. 🙂 -Kelley

  2. emily nathan|

    Sarah- I feel like I read that you said you have plant troubles somewhere in this lovely blog of yours and I wanted you to know that I have one of these plants but I was told that it is specifically for very low light locations (from Flora Grubb- the most amazing plant store in SF). So….since your hall looks lovely and bright you may want to replace the plant so it can live happily in a dark corner somewhere. But– I cannot vouch for this comment 100%, so I would check with your local nursery. x

  3. Pete|

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