At the end of next week Lou and I are headed up north to stay at a cabin on the lake for a few days with some of our favorite friends.  We can’t wait to do nothing, eat yummy things, get cozy, sleep in and just completely decompress.  In the meantime I’m fantasizing about cozy winter wear, and especially the things above!  Ok, and a few of the things below.  Happy Wednesday friends!  xx- Sarah


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  1. lindsay|

    hi, sarah! your blog is new to me and i spent hours (no exaggeration) last night combing through your archives. i just wanted to let you know how much i love it–the beautiful photos, great style, fresh food, puppies (!), and refreshingly honest prose. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sarah|

    Very cute, I'm feeling black and white about winter as well. The boots are good, but that 3.5" heel seems really impractical to wear in actual winter snow/ice conditions. I wish they were flat or had a tiny stacked heel.

  3. Katy|

    Check out the new sweaters (lots of funky patterns and oversized fits) at Stylemint… The Row chic at cheap prices. I love their stuff so much!