Hello my friends!  What’ve you got on the calendar for the weekend?  We’ve got some good cooking planned, bowling and dinner with some new friends, a movie date night, and a little bit of work.  Plus a couple of bike rides and a few long dog walks.  I am so happy to see the weekend this week!  A little break is much needed. Hope yours is lovely!  I’ve rounded up a good lot of internet wonderfulness after the jump!  xx- Sarah

We’re having friends over for happy hour on Monday, I’ll be making a batch of these to win em over!

In case you missed it, this was a pretty major moment for A House in the Hills!

LA peeps, save the date and meet me here for a very good cause!

This is my style inspiration for next summer.  Yes, I’m thinking ahead!

A kickstarter for the AMAZING Tiny Atlas Quarterly!

Lou is working on a very cool photo / video project with artist Phillip K Smith, can’t wait to share!

Falling over at the sight of THESE!  Bring on Thanksgiving!

I’m just putting these out there to the universe.  For the holiday season, and the summer season, and every season in between.

I shared 10 amazing Fashion Instagrams to follow on Lifescoop today!

For a major glam Thanksgiving, there are these, this, these, and THIS! (Can you tell I’m excited about Thanksgiving?!)

This was an alarming bit of information!  On  so many levels!

Lately I’ve been wondering, how many of these is too many for one girl?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!

Photo VIA (photographer, Brigitte Sire)

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  1. Emily Nathan|

    Thank you Sarah from everyone over here at Tiny Atlas!! We hope you have the sparkly, loving, bright and delicious weekend we always picture you having!