Hi friends!  I’m still here in Portland, Maine spending time with my family.  This town is really something special! Its as quaint and charming as you could ever imagine.  If you haven’t been I can’t recommend it enough.  I’d travel all this way JUST to smell the salty air and take in a view of the ocean & islands.  Its like no other place. I’m trying to keep up a little on my instagram and will be back tomorrow with a recipe post.  Catch you then!  xx- Sarah

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  1. Renate|

    Just started following your blog after finding it on Gal Meets Glam Blog Roll and I'm so glad I did – having some catching up to do – going through the archives. A lovely blog :)

  2. Bethany|

    Hi Sarah!
    Portland, ME is one of my most favorite places ON EARTH! Have you been to Chebeague Island? I know you'll love it! Lots of opportunities for great photographs! I highly recommend taking the ferry out and visiting Chebeague Island Inn. Wishing you a fun and relaxing time with family.
    ~ Bethany

  3. lauren|

    If you have the time, make the trip to Primo Restaurant in Rockland (about an 1.5hr drive). Bourdain said "north of New York, this is where to eat." Having spent some time there with the staff and indulged in their creations, it's clear why this is a culinary destination in itself.

    Highly recommend!!
    Enjoy Portland, there's plenty of great spots there too :)

    • Maritza|


      I know this is a very very old post but I am heading to Portland next week and wanted to see if Sarah had any restaurant recommendations. I see that she does not but would you perhaps? It sounds like you are local to the great city!

      Thank you!