I’m sure you think I’ve lost my mind for wearing a winter coat in September, IN THE DESERT.  But let me ease your mind, it was on my body for no more than two long hot sweaty could not end quick enough minutes and then went directly into my suitcase for a trip to Maine, which I’ll already be in the midst of by the time this is posted. And Maine in September, if I remember right, can get a bit nippy at night.  So, while I’m a lot of different varieties of crazy-pants, a winter coat wearer in the desert summer is not one of them.  Is this even making sense?  I’m packing fatigued.  Besides, this post wasn’t meant to be about how I sometimes do really weird things for the sake of this site, it was meant to be about how freaking awesome these pants and shoes are, and how I bought the shoes in black too, because I AM that kind of crazy-pants.  And I fully support my fellow double-up shoe buyers. We’re all in this together.  xx- Sarah

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  pants: House of Harlow, shoes: Brian Atwood, coat: JCrew, winter 2012 (another I love), bag: Clare Vivier, sunnies: Karen Walker, bracelet: Tory Burch, rings: vintage, Catbird, Jules Smith, lips: YSL Le Orange

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  1. Melanie Sutrathada|

    I absolutely love this outfit. It's so simple, yet chic and sophisticated. I've gotta say – I think it's awesome that you put the coat on purely for the sake of photographing it for your blog – I do things like this all the time (in addition to doubling up on shoes) and thought I was the only one!


  2. A.Co|

    CONGRATULATIONS on the Camille Styles thing, that's SO great and exciting!

    I love this look and the coat is really beautiful. I'm such a double-up shoe (or anything!) buyer…but I've been trying to cut back :P

    Enjoy Maine!

  3. Sarah|

    Those pants are (and I can't believe I'm about to use this word) sick! They look great with your too-hot-for-the-desert jacket!