Last weekend Lou, the pups and I headed over to one of our favorite Palm Springs hotels, The Parker, to getaway for the weekend!  It’s one of the places we escape to whenever we need some down time or want to disappear from our lives for a minute.  Click through to see some of our snaps from the trip and head over to Style Me Pretty Living where I’m excited to be sharing even more!

The above photos are from the lobby and a lounge right beside it.  I want that firepit in my HOUSE!  It’s so good, right?!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jonathan Adler KILLED IT with the design of this hotel!  I want to move in, spend my days lounging by pool with not a care in the world except what to have for dinner.  THAT is the life!

Even Nugget looks a little more hip and swanky lounging around the Parker, right?  Not bad for a girl from the streets of East LA!  All she’s missing is a pair of giant sunnies.  (We failed!)  Speaking of which, let’s talk about what to wear/pack for a weekend at the Parker.  Here are my clothing must-haves:  an oversized hat, a swimsuit,  a caftan to throw on over said swimsuit, red lipstick to glam it up, jean shorts to get sporty in, a long flowy maxi-dress to wear to dinner and comfortable sandals to stroll the grounds in.  Easy as pie.  Pack and go!

It’s incredible, right?  The grounds are as amazing as the interiors with plenty of territory for Bean and Nugget to cover with their noses.  I love the Parker extra for being so dog friendly (note: there is an additional fee to bring along your four legged family members).   Nothing makes me happier than having our pups with us on our adventures.   And for those who want to do more than lounge 24/7 there’s tennis, croquet and petanque!  So, next time you’re in the mood to get out of town and get into someplace extra relaxing, keep The Parker in mind, I promise you won’t be disappointed!  xx- Sarah

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Reader Comments

  1. Jamie|

    The Parker looks like no hotel I've ever seen! I'll be planning a weekend away with my husband for our anniversary ASAP!

  2. Thankfifi|

    Looks perfect – I wish the weather was better here so we could go for weekend escapes close to home – and I always want to bring my furry boy so extra points for that! Gorgeous shots.x


  3. maggie|

    You guys individually are both great photographers but I love seeing you two work together…..I haven't seen it yet but you two would make even grocery shopping or getting an oil change cool & fashionable ;)

    What a nice "staycation" :)

  4. Agnes|

    Gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing! I especially love your tan and gold sandals…are they still available somewhere?

  5. Capella|

    Beautiful. Love that hat and how great you can bring the pups! You have so many great healthy recipes on the blog I was wondering how you keep it up on vacation. When I travel I have a hard time finding places to accomodate my healthy habits.

  6. lavenderhill|

    These photos are better than what the Parker has on their web site. They need to hire both of you as their models to promote their hotels nationwide.

  7. Eva|

    Ok Wow. This place is beyond! I'mhoping they have availability for my long weekend coming up!

  8. Jamie|

    Was this a sponsored post? Or did they comp your stay? No offense, it just kind of reads like that.

  9. jade|

    Gorgeous! i'm going to a wedding at the parker next weekend and can't wait. I'm sure it will still be super hot, but pool time and margaritas are calling my name!