hello from florida my friends!  it’s been a hectic trip filled with lots of family time, doctor appointments and all that comes with all of that.  but we managed to sneak in a little quiet time on the dock to watch the dolphins frolic and try to spot a manatee (i did not, but DID see a crocodile!).  and today we’re sneaking off to the beach for a few hours.  some much needed down time.  thank you all for the well wishes, kind words and prayers for our family.  much love to all of you!  xx – sarah  (follow along with our trip on my instagram and lou’s instagram if you’d like!)

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  1. Avn|

    As a grad student in biology at the University of Florida (GATORS!!), you most definitely saw an alligator, not a crocodile! I made the same mistake calling these reptiles by the wrong name too when I first moved down here. LOL! Manatees like fresh water, so if you see a dolphin, you probably wont see a manatee in the same body of water. 🙂 Let us all know if you see a "Sharknado". 😉 Enjoy Florida and relax…excited to see more posts from Florida.