hi everyone, welcome to my second installment of musings! we’re leaving monday for a two week trip to the east coast and the anticipation has got me thinking…

love traveling.  when i have a trip on the books it’s just about all i can think about.  it consumes me, i can spend hours daydreaming about what i’ll see, eat, wear.  the people i’ll meet, the people i love who i’ll visit.  i get excited for the smells, sounds and tastes that will be new to me.  the airports, trains, planes, taxis, and hotel beds, i love it ALL.  but the thing i love most is the feeling i get when i’m in the midst of it.  i feel somehow more alive, more myself, more open to what life brings me.  

traveling, for me, is that thing that really moves me.  it’s what stirs the creativity inside me, it feeds the adventurous part of my spirit, it expands my sense of self to encompass the entire world rather than my tiny little at-home world.  i feel most like myself when i’m away from home and outside of my comfort zone, if that makes sense.  it’s one of the most fulfilling things that i do.  

and so i wonder, why not more?  

what is it that moves you, that really makes you feel ALIVE?  is it a part of your everyday life?  should it be?  in writing this i’m reminded that we’re truly responsible for crafting our lives, shaping daydreams into realities.  so, i’m going to be spending more time day dreaming and more time crafting.  here’s to all of us having the lives of our wildest imaginations!  xx- sarah

* is that graphic not killing you with awesomeness?  we have aileen cheng to thank for that!  best. designer. ever. 

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  1. marlene|

    My sentiments exactly Sarah! I love traveling for similar reasons. A new perspective. Seeing your own life from a new vantage point. Making sense of where you are and who you are RIGHT NOW. In that time-space continuum of travel, so many things seem possible. There's nothing like it! One of my favorite quotes that has stuck with me for life that I keep coming back to again and again:
    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." – Proust

    Here's to some new eyes and new adventures to you in the next couple of weeks!

  2. allie|

    where on the east coast are you going? say BOSTON!? :) it'd be great if you documented where you go & what you'd like, for fellow travel junkies!

    allie at

  3. lavenderhill|

    You dream because that is what you crave in life & work to make a reality. Live outside your comfort zone & go to unfamiliar territory – its the excitement that keeps people going not living a safe sheltered life – nothing good came out of safe & mundane.
    Enjoy the east coast -

  4. Dana|

    Soooo perfect!! I posted today on dreams written, "tucked away" and believed in – an ordinary girl finding extraordinary LOVE! Happy travels and blessings Sarah. Awesome and inspiring graphic Aileen.

  5. Angela|

    Traveling used to be the thing that always moved me, I loved it so much. Which is why I decided to do it full time, nothing could be better right? Except for the fact that travel becomes a normal thing, it's not that exciting anymore when you travel months and months and months and don't have a place to call home. I don't regret following my heart, because no one should ever regret that. But I feel like travel has lost its spark. Will it ever come back? I believe so.

  6. Emily|

    I love to travel as well! The anticipation and planning is so much fun and the best way to hang on to the travel high when you return home is to use the experience to boost your creativity. I hope you have a great time and I look forward to reading about your trip!

  7. Two Red Bowls|

    I love this. I used to love traveling, but as time goes by, I feel more and more attached to my home, and I'm finding that I tend more to turn inward for creativity and inspiration than outward. This reminds me that it's good not to focus too much on the home and what's inside it, but to keep on adventuring. I'll have to try to channel your vivacity when I travel instead of getting worn out by all the things you described :) (I have to admit that i LOVE hotel beds and rooms though!)

    This was beautifully written, thank you for sharing! I'm so glad I found your blog.

  8. Meg|

    I have never been able to put the way travelling makes me feel into such a concise set of words, thank you and have a wonderful adventure! xx

  9. topa|

    I agree with you. I totally feel alive when I am exploring something new. I like to do that most on vacation, but I also enjoy it in my hometown. So have a great trip! :-)

  10. AM|

    Volunteering moves me: helping people I don't know… whether fun like teaching a child about nature or intense like serving a homeless man a food tray. I am challenged to see the bigger world and strive to be my Best Self. I always come home with new stories to share and a feeling of, "what can I do next!". Thanks for making me think about it! Love your blog :)

  11. Chelsea|

    I completely agree, i feel so much more different when i travel, like a better version of myself. Love this post. x


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