i just love the mix of super girly with a bit of tomboy.  case in point: this white lacy dress with sheer bits (does it get more girly?) and this army boyfriend jacket.  they are, in my opinion, meant to be best friends. and can we talk about my new sunnies?  i’m obsessed with them.  karen walker can do no wrong in my book.  lastly, i haven’t been to the hairdresser yet this year.  and in fact, i think my last visit was late last summer, which means i’m slowly creeping up on a year.  i’ve been doing my own trims, letting the color just be.  and i pretend it’s part of my master plan.  but here’s the truth:  I AM SO LAZY ABOUT MY HAIR IT’S SHAMEFUL.  please tell me i’m not the only one!  xx- sarah

SHOP THIS OUTFIT:  dress: testament,  jacket: lily aldridge for velvet (here and here), shoes: c/o shoemint, sunnies: karen walker, watch: nixon, forearm bracelet: stella & dot, ring: charles albert bracelets: c/o something epic, gorjana

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  1. Victoria|

    Seriously love everything about this – that lace dress & that army jacket… and those heels! I love the girly / tomboy mix too, and I've never see anything like this.. you're so good, Sarah. And can we talk about how good your hair looks?? I would like to say I haven't gone to a hairstylist in a year, but that'd be a lie .. gotta maintain this bob! <3

  2. Abby|

    I talked about Karen Walker sunnies on my blog today – she can do no wrong. And I love that jacket, I've been trying to convince myself that I need it but after this post I really think I do!

  3. Jen@SunsetsandSwimmingpools|

    That dress is adorable. Dude- I WISH i didn't have to think about my hair! In this climate if I don't get trims and some color at least a few times a year I look like a grey rooted brassy hot mess with really bad frizzed out ends. Believe me I'd LOVE to use that $$$ for other things than a hairdresser.

  4. Caroline|

    I am obsessed with Stella and Dot jewelry. I just ordered a necklace, I may need to arrange an extra delivery.. haha!

  5. nadya|

    1. Love that jacket! 2. Wish I could let my hair go natural too. I just re-upped my highlights but I'm tired of spending time and money. ;-) You look amazing.

  6. Sarah of a fine line|

    Please tell me about your rings. I wear my engagement ring on my left ring finger and my wedding band on my right, cause they don't really fit together well. I've been considering getting some thin stacking rings to kinda mix up my look. Is that your engagement ring on your right? Where did the turquoise one come from?

  7. Eleanor|

    The outfit is perfection. Both garments are most definitely BF's! :) I haven't had a profession hair cut in around two years. I started using the Crea clip after receiving it for review. It's a set of two clips with a level that allows an individual to cut their own hair evenly; it's really quite clever. I've added layers using them, kept my bangs trimmed very easily, and over all don't have anything bad to say about it. It's around $25., I think. After I read that the best percentage to tip your stylist is 20% (I always tipped 10%…I had NO idea there was a proper amount) I think I've said goodbye to ever seeing a stylist to cut my hair again. I love being in complete control over how long layers are and how much is taken off. I love having the time to do other things with my time and money. :)