so, it turns out MUSTARD DOESN’T GROW IN JARS!  who knew?!  i kid, i kid.  kind of.  because although mustard has been a favorite of mine for as long as i can remember, i had zero idea where it came from.  a store shelf…..i knew that much, but nothing beyond.  until recently. i was reading the ingredients on the mustards trying to choose the one with the least crazy sounding stuff and make sure no one was getting sneaky and putting sugar in my mustard.  and in reading these labels i realized – mustard is made of like 2-3 things.  and i thought, I CAN MAKE MY OWN!  which is exciting for a girl who had previously never pondered the origins of one of her favorite condiments.  and so, five minutes after reading a bit about mustard on wikipedia i was off to the races on my first batch.  i think it turned out pretty damn good (after a few days of sitting, which settles some of the spiciness).  will you try it?  it’s SO easy!  xx- sarah {more after the jump}


1/2 cup mustard seeds

(1) 16 oz jar mustard powder

1/2 cup room temperature water

1 1/2 teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons white wine vinegar

3 tablespoons honey



combine all ingredients, add extra salt and honey to taste.  it will be super spicy for the first few days.  let is mellow and it will be


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Reader Comments

  1. Sarah|

    Yummers! That homemade mustard looks super tasty! My husband is the full time chef at our house (I'm a lucky girl) and a strong mustard avocate. He makes all things from jam to beef jerky to pickles, and I'm actually surprised he hasn't given mustard a try yet. I'll definitely be introducing him to this recipe!

  2. Bettina|

    I may have to try this recipe out. I recently started liking mustard. I know, I know, I 've definitely been missing out.

    Love how clear your photos look. What type of camera lens do you use for these indoor food shots?

  3. AM|

    Looks fantastic! Do you know how long it will keep? It would be a great gift idea!

  4. topa|

    Thank you for this recipe! It is funny, 'cause I made the same experience a few weeks ago with … Ketchup! ;-)

  5. Jenessa|

    How many days do you suppose it would keep unrefrigerated? I would love to package this recipe in an adorable jar and send it to all my "mustard fiend" loved ones! I see that there is some white wine vinegar, but I'm not sure how much vinegar it would take to preserve this sort of a recipe at room temperature. Sounds delicious! Thanks so much for the post!