if you’re as in love with looking at homes and spaces as i am you have to check out california homes, produced by the incredibly talented architect william hefner.  the book is chock full of inspiring luxury residences, and who doesn’t like to spend a little time fantasizing over amazing homes?   i’ve posted some of my favorites from one of the houses above.  are you not dying over this house?!  it’s bananas.  i need to move in with those lucky homeowners.  me, bean, nugget and lou.  i’m sure they won’t mind.  ok, that’s all for now… be back later with my friday links!  xx- sarah

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  1. Bettina|

    This house! Love it so much, it incorporates so many of my favorite things. I'm especially in love with that glass bar counter in the kitchen! Such a great chic accent to the room.

  2. Melinda|

    As if I didn't have enough coffee table books, now you've convinced me to get another one!! ;) And yes I am loving that photos of that house – and most importantly – the pool. *sigh