hi everyone!  can you believe that we’re halfway through the year?  i love thinking of june 1st a little bit like january 1st- a chance to look at what’s ahead, shake things up a bit, re-visit goals and just generally start fresh.  so tomorrow that’s what i’ll be doing, followed by a day of re-charging on sunday.  cannot wait!  what do you have planned for the weekend?  hopefully the links below will inspire you at some point… have a great one!  xx- sarah  {more after the jump}

lou and i are celebrating our 5 year dating anniversary today! (in my imagination, we’re here)

i added a new page to the blog for a permanent spot to share the things i’m coveting most!

a very helpful reminder… the choice is yours.

i can’t imagine i’d love this dress any less than a first born child.

so much sweetness here, what a beautiful life!

i’m going to give these a go, don’t they look so delicious?!

and also this, because grilled pineapple is ALWAYS a good idea.

have i mentioned before how much i love this tumblr?  so much.

lou’s birthday is in 14 days.  he asked for a party and this.  he will be forever young.

in case you missed it here, i think i’ve decided on a wallpaper for the guest bedroom/my office (found here).

someone recently emailed asking where i get my fonts…this is my favorite spot to find new ones!

j crew is doing something really fun with shorts this year!  loving these, these and these.

are you a wine drinker?  this could be handy!

on my summer reading list:  this classic, a sure to be hilarious book, and this- for obvious reason.

and last but most definitely not least… since i’m treating june 1st like new years i’m thinking about how i can make a house in the hills an even better place for us to hang out.  i created a little survey that i’d love if you’d take just a couple minutes to respond to… it’s only a few questions to guage whether ya’ll might like if i mixed things up a bit.  {and to find out where you live because i am always so fascinated by that!} so, if you will…. here’s the survey.  thanks so much in advance!  have a fantastic weekend friends!  xx- sarah

photo of georgia may jagger via

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Reader Comments

  1. rita|

    funny, i was just thinking the same thing about june 1st. i've been dealing with some annoying health issues and starting now (no need to wait till tomorrow!) i'll be spending the majority of june working on them and trying to be healthier… my 29th birthday is 6/29 and i don't want to start a new year feeling crappy! i hope you post or tweet more about whatever you are doing – we can keep each other motivated!

  2. Lindsey|

    Am I crazy or would July 1 actually be the midway point? It's my birthday and I've always thought of it that way. hahah Either way love all the links!

  3. Kate|

    Love your blog, so happy to have come across it! I love those J.crew shorts! And I love June 1 too (it also happens to be my birthday, so there's that:) !

  4. maggie|

    My best friend- my sister – is coming for the weekend to meet my baby boy. She's coming all the way from Chicago. This visit means the world to me as she & her husband and their 3 kiddos are moving even further away, to NY :(

    great links, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Laura|

    I've been giving that FP kaftan a long, heavy look too. Also can't believe I hadn't seen that grilled pineapple salad on Food52 yet. So perfect. Thanks for the link love, Sarah! Happy weekend xo

  6. Sophie|

    Lindsey is right! We've only finished five months of the year, not six. That would make July 1 the halfway point. It's never too late to set goals, though! :)

  7. A.Co|

    I'd love to be included in one of your weekly round ups.

    Love your blog and have made several of your recipes, love that they are always so healthy and tasty. You're a daily visit for me :)

    BIG HUG from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! (the Nation's capital!)