i’m just LOVING this cropped top, high waisted skirt pair from topshop.  it’s going to get a lot of wear this summer, as easily worn with sandals running errands as it is dressed up just a bit with these wedges.  and the slits in the front, the way it blows in the breeze….just perfect.  and i can’t wait to pair both with other pieces in my closet. well done topshop, well done!  xx- sarah

skirt and top: topshop, shoes: dolce vita, sunnies: free people, bag: clare vivier, bracelet: tory burch, skinny rings: catbird via free people lips: dior blazing red 

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  1. Brittany|

    I love this! I always feel so overwhelmed when I walk into topshop. I think you have to be great fashion hunter to sort through the mess for the jems!

  2. Abby|

    Love, love, love this look! I cannot get enough of the palm print this season and this set is especially cool because it has that retro feel.

  3. Jennifer @ Sunsets & Swimming Pools|

    That really is such a cute look. Can't wait to see how you mix it up. PS- Your locations are awesome! If you ever had a spare moment or needed a topic to blog about, I'd love to hear the details of a typical location scout.

  4. Vicky|

    I really love this outfit! Do you know of any places that are selling a similar outfit? I don't think topshop is carrying it or anything like it anymore!