entertainment for your weekend!

don’t miss it, today is my instagram pop up shop sale!  head over here for more info… sale starts at 10 am PST!  and below is a taste of what i’m loving on the world wide interweb this week.  have a great one everyone!!   xx- sarah

i made this carbolicious treat the other night (see mine here) and was happily surprised by how easy it was!

this little story resonated with me (what a house means to me here).

i want this so badly it pains me.  and this too.  prepare yourself.

i feel similarly about this, which is about $193 less expensive and will give me a little sugar high.

this is my actual dream, come to life.

this week i reimagined my wedding day for green wedding shoes.

my sweet pal and her sweet home tour, here and even more here!

i want to win this, pretty please!

a fun DIY for your weekend!  (i’d love to see them in white and gold!)

i’m so happy these finally went on sale, i’ve been coveting them for months!

i love this no fear approach to color in this space

photo by jen lauren grant of birds of a feather

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  1. Latrina|

    How fun! And what a killer idea, too. I love the photos… and the items, of course. I will have to do this sometime as my own closet is overwhelming me… I wish I would have known about this sooner! :| …next time!? :)