QUESTION: Hi Sarah! I always adore your fashion posts, so I’d love it if you’d help me out with a little conundrum – I love wearing dresses & skirts in the spring and summer, but since I’m often out and about into the night, I like to layer. I’m ridiculously short (5′) so blazers tend to look silly on me with dresses, but I’m quickly tiring of only adding a cardigan on top. Any creative ways to broaden my layer horizons? Thanks! xo, Anni

ANSWER: hi anni!  i’ve put together some options… mostly of the cropped variety.  you can almost never go wrong with throwing a denim cropped jacket over a dress, but even that needs mixing up every now and then.  so i’ve given you some other options too!  i love the juxtaposition of feminine dresses with army jackets, so there are a couple of those options (and if you’re 5′ throw on some heels when you’re out and about for the night and you can get away with a longer jacket!).  i also included a motorcycle jacket and a less traditional blazer (i think the super short crop would make it workable on your petite frame!) and, if you’re still looking for more options i’ve added some extras in the links below! hope you love!  xx- sarah

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  1. Anni|

    You're the best, thanks for answering this – so many options! I'm excited to go on a mini spree and try a bunch of these out.