Friday Roundup

hi everyone.  i had most of this post prepped last night with all of my weekly links and only this paragraph to write this morning.  and as most of the country is, i’m glued to the tv watching unimaginable news about the bombers/boston.  my heart and thoughts are with you boston.  i’m focusing on the heroes, the generosity, the resilience.  there is evil, but there is far, far more goodness, beauty, and love.  and the evil will never be able to take that away.  sending you all so much love.  may you and yours be safe.   xx- sarah {more after the jump}

my fellow travel and photography lovers, spend some time here– it’s a feast for your eyes!

a beautiful, simple, healthy and inspired meal that has me excited.

your weekly does of cute this week here.

i’m wishing, hoping, praying to the god of shoes that these go on sale.

was very excited to be featured herehere and here this week! 

my life was rocked and will never be the same after discovering this (get it here)

love this DIY idea – it’s one of the rare projects i’d actually tackle!

i’m very much looking forward to trying this sometime in the near future!

internet, meet the most stylish toddler alive.  

i’m obsessed with this radio program, i listen to it streaming every week, and it needs our help.

as summer approached i can’t help but daydream….take me here!

picked up one of these candles yesterday and it smells like a little piece of heaven.

photo via vanessa jackman

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  1. kristin|

    I was in Boston on Monday and was so moved by all of the amazing acts of courage and selflessness by the people of Boston. It truly is an amazing city filled with wonderful people. Thanks for your words of solidarity.

  2. Myrna|

    Always look forward to your Friday post. Since i'm a virgin blogger I wasn't quite sure what to post on Friday's and well I decided to jump on the Friday link bandwagon . Thank you . However you always find the coolest links and Tiny Atlas Quarterly has now been added to my blog roll. Thanks Sarah.


  3. e nathan|

    Hey Sarah I was going to tell you that the beach image you posted is for sale (or was) on 20× but late news to me the site/company has been suspended?? The photographer's name is Christian Chaize and if I recall it was shot in Brazil…Lou would be a great match for 20×200 I bet but not sure what is happening?

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