happy friday!

i’m in los angeles playing tourist with family and having the best time!  seeing the city through the eyes of a teenager from the east coast makes it feel fresh, new and exciting.  oh los angeles, i love you.  happy weekend friends… some sunday morning entertainment for you after the jump!  xx- sarah  

this gal gives me major hair envy

we went adventuring in joshua tree… a couple of lou’s photos from the afternoon here

i’m on the hunt for a great pair of these, any favorites you’d recommend?

if you haven’t read this article that’s been making it’s way around the interweb, now’s the time

my heart nearly beat out of my chest when i layed eyes on this sweet little one

i want to eat this TODAY, and everyday after that

a very pretty and inspiring home tour, found here

i can really relate to this, and love the takeaway message

this could prove verrrrry helpful if you’ve got big plans for st. patrick’s day

i think that twitter was invented specifically for this girl

for my fellow travel lovers, this adventure is sure to inspire

these are amazing, right? well played FP

this look falls under the category “things i will never understand”

another quintessential LA photo that pulls at my city of angels heart strings

** photo of santa monica from the pier via my instagram

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  1. Rachel|

    As I have been living in Los Angeles over 6 months now I don't feel like a tourist here. While I will never feel as at home as I do in the streets of London, I do feel a bit of 'ownership' over LA as 'my' city now. However, my favourite times are when friends form England come to visit and I go totally tourist with them; I'm already really excited about going to Disneyland here for the first time with my best friend at the end of June!

  2. sarah yates|

    @ rachel- how fun! yep, having friends/family visit is the best thing ever!

    @ nicole- yay, so happy you like them! i will continue to search out rad stuff from all corners of the interweb.