happy friday all!  just a reminder that Fancy Paws is THIS SUNDAY!  more details here.  help spread the word if you will and i hope to see you there!  

below are some of my discoveries from the interweb at large this week.  xx- sarah 

let’s start with something yummy that’s calling my name for a lazy sunday morning

these are the perfect add to your summer wardrobe, and at such a good price! 

it boggles my mind that places like this exist.  i must go.

a little something i keep repeating to myself as i start to move in new directions

will be adding this to my ever-growing font collection

i’m curious to hear what you think of this idea

i always recommend a trip here, it’s pretty awe inspiring

a lovely spot if you’re looking for home decor ideas

we’re considering this coffee table to keep our living room feeling open and light

i picked up this skirt and i am so in love

this is a DIY i can get behind….CATS!

have you been here?  i think you might like it.

lastly, i think we could all use this advice from 1917

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  1. Sarah|

    I love your blog Sarah! Keep up the good work. Want you to know that I bought that dress you are wearing in the about me section and wore it to my rehearsal dinner, so cute!! Thanks for all the inspiration:)

  2. Angela|

    I love your blog! I find it so inspiring and refreshing. As for the link to the To Sua Ocean Trench…that place does exist in Samoa and I was lucky enough to go last year. A magical country.

  3. Latrina|

    Loving your blog. :)

    And I can't help but smile every time I see that photo… <3 I could only wish my pup would sit still enough for me to photograph her! :)