the couch, the couch!!!

as promised, here it is: the couch we waited seven long months to call our own.  two more months and we could have had a baby.  HA!  but in all seriousness it was totally worth the wait.  it’s the right size and style for the room which is a bit of a decorating challenge due to it’s shape and layout (see more here).  and although having a custom couch made was an investment, a nerve wracking experience and something i might not be inclined to take on again, i think for this room it was the best option for us.  so friends, welcome to our living room where you can now SIT ON ACTUAL INDOOR FURNITURE!!!!  

i know you’ve also got your eye on that credenza, which is a fabulous loan from our friends max and margaux. it’ll get us by until we tackle stage two of operation living room make-over.  and the rug, that’s new since this sad update too.  it brings in the warmth and coziness i wanted to help balance out the concrete floors!  next on the list is pillows (which we’re going back and forth on because i’m thinking the ones we have are working out pretty well for the moment) and a coffee table.  can’t wait to share more with you as we move forward!  xx- sarah

*edit:  the rug is from anthropologie (sold out), the morroccan wedding blanket is from here, the neon vase is from here, the fringey throw pillows are also from anthropologie and the pink pillows are from a recent trip to tulum.  hope that helps!

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Reader Comments

  1. Anne|

    Sarah! The couch is GORGEOUS. Leather? Fabric? Either way it is very clean, modern, and just beautiful. Can't wait to see the style evolution of this room – thanks for sharing.

  2. Ashlae|

    So. I think instead of going to Mexico at the end of the year, we're just going to vacation at your place. K? Love the couch, lady!

  3. myka|

    It looks AMAZING! I think you may have mentioned it before…but where oh where is this beautiful custom couch from?

  4. risa022|

    where, oh where, did you get that gorgeous throw blanket that's perched on the arm of the couch?!

  5. jane|

    this is so beautiful. can i ask how you keep such a beautiful rug clean when you have dogs? i have cats and a dog and i feel like it's impossible to keep thing that are pale looking good!

  6. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone!

    @ashlae- YES! mexico is great but palm spring is so good too! :)

    @collette- the rug is from anthropologie!

    @risa the blanket is from :

    @jane- we have everything professionally scotch guarded and then cleaned professionally when it needs it as well. so far so good with the rug (i really think scotch guarding does wonders!)

  7. Amy|

    I just discovered your blog and am loving it! The couch looks amazing! Looking forward to reading back through your other posts! I love your style!

  8. Meredith|

    It looks fantastic! How you waited 7 months is beyond me – we're waiting 2-3 months for one from West Elm, which we thought was torture. So happy that your house is coming together so well!

  9. Kirby|

    LOVE the new couch and the Moroccan wedding blanket! Question: How are you getting a white couch with a dog? I'd love one but can't refuse his little face when he wants to sit with us!

  10. Bri|

    This came out amazing! Also, I wish I could make it to your charity event this weekend, but since I can't I shared it on my blog. Here's to hoping it turns out great!! :)

  11. sarah yates|

    @kirby, it's leather, so we'll be able to clean it…. and we just hope for the best! we are suckers for snuggling the pups on the couch too.

    @bir- thank you so much! hugely appreciated!