for your sunday morning

hi again!  here’s a trip down the interweb rabbit hole for your weekend.  things that inspire, excite, inform or are just plain pretty… i hope you enjoy!  more after the jump.

simple doesn’t mean boring, it can be oh so chic when done right

these have been calling my name, i think i might have to make a batch this weekend

if you’re looking for more work wear inspiration, spend some time here and you’ll be set

i’m wishing we had room in our house for one of these great beauties

i love this, mostly for the excuse to procrastinate 

sound advice for anyone new to the kitchen

if this doesn’t inspire you to make bold moves, i don’t know what will

a roundup that has my mouth watering and shouldn’t be missed!

if the bag i recommend yesterday didn’t do it for you, maybe this one will

this is what makes the world go round, i’m pretty certain

this is such a good and important read, for everyone

falling into the category of just plain pretty, there is this

*images by stephan wurth for vogue mexico

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  1. sarah yates|

    you're most welcome sonja!

    @kris- thank you, that's high praise! (and i'll never tell) :)

  2. mary @ B&G JOURNALS|

    great huffington post article on processed foods—thanks for sharing! decoding just what is organic, real food and what has undergone some artificial transformations gets tougher and tougher the more vocabulary is used to camoflauge ingredients, so this definitely opened my eyes a bit more.

  3. BufaloGirl|

    I would enjoy your blog a great deal more if there was less of a "misty look" and MUCH LARGER and more legible type. The "mistiness" spills over to the text as well. Anything smaller and unclear and I would not be able to read it all. The pictures are beautiful. Can't you change the size of the type face? It would make your blog so much better.