lovely lady feature on emmadime

happy monday everyone!  in case you were in the throes of operation dog rescue with me this past weekend, i have good news… we found the pups a most wonderful home where they’ll get to be together and live out the rest of their days filled with love!  i couldn’t possibly be more thrilled!  i love a good happy ending.  

in other news…last week i was featured on emma’s darling blog as a lovely lady!  the photo above is an outtake. head over here to see the full outfit and then spend some time checking out emma’s site, you’ll guaranteed love it!  xx-sarah

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  1. mes bijoux|

    i'm happy for the pups! i' m sure that their new "parents" will enjoy the new life with them!
    btw, i'm gonig to check Emma's blog right now…
    have a nice week!

  2. Leigh|

    I saw your feature :) loved it! Made me realize that I needed to add you to my bloglovin feed :) Glad you found your pups a home!