breaking news : i’m becoming a silver fox!

i’ve been adding grey hairs to my mix of locks for awhile now, but it wasn’t until last night during one of those looking-too-close-at-the-mirror moments that i realized just how many.  there are a lot my friends, a lot!  where did they come from? when did this happen? i’d like to know! it seems they appear over night. does all the color just disappear from a strand? or do they grow in at 1000X the speed of the other hairs?  these are the things i think about.  

for the record, i may have moments of panic about aging but overall i think i’m pretty level headed about it. i’ve watched wrinkles appear and freckles turn into age spots without any major breakdowns.  i’ve started to see my skin change into the skin that my mother has, softer and somehow thinner.  it’s strange to see your appearance change as time passes, especially when you’re still as fit and able as you were before. i still feel twenty five, even if i don’t look it.  but i’m choosing to embrace this new grey hair as a hint of what’s to come- an exciting future as a stylish silver fox like the lady above.  because age, like life, is what you make of it. isn’t it?

living in southern california it seems more uncommon for women to age without the help of dermatologists and surgeons than not. i get it, but i also wish that we all embraced aging more.  after all, it’s one of life’s inevitabilities and there’s no escaping it.  every effort to do so is fighting against what is meant to be. i’m charging into aging determined to make the best of it and embrace the life i am so fortunate to have. viva la silver foxes!!! 

*photo by ari seth cohen via advanced style

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  1. Krissy|

    I have more and more greys by the day! At first I would pluck them, but i swear it's making them worse. I think guys w/ a little grey are smokin' though!

    • Dread|

      I got tried of spending tons of money pniermg, repairing and the hair drama. I am considered a newbie since I only did the BC May 2012. Although I noticed a few naturals before then and really loved the natural styles, since than I have enbraced my natural hair. I am enjoying trying new styles and am learning what products work for my hair (and which don’t). Now every where I go I notice the naturals and we start conversations about our hair and ususally become friends. I’m even thinking about starting a local group where we can meet together and share experiences, encouragement and enriching advice for naturals.Thanks for a beautiful website and keep upo the great work.

  2. alysha|

    i too am turning into a silver fox! i have a patch of 5 by my bangs. hoping it turns into a cool silver stripe one day!
    glad you are embracing it. you'll be a silver beauty!

  3. Kari|

    aw, it is happening to the best of us. I found a bunch of grays starting five years back and they keep coming. My aunt was totally gray by 35 and it runs in my fam. All we can do is accept that will be sexy gray hair ladies soonish, it's how it goes i guess. high five!!!

  4. annie|

    I agree and JUST had this conversation with someone. I want to age gracefully and hope we start valuing women for more than how young our skin looks! By the way, I think grey hair looks AWESOME. You will look fantastic as a silver fox, but I think you may have a few (20) years before that even starts to happen. xoxoxo

  5. Joana Gomes|

    I think everyone should embrace the grey hairs a bit more. This lady in the photo, for instance, she looks fabulous. And I'm sure you look just as fabulous x

  6. raya|

    I have been graying since 16 and this topic is constantly on my mind. I always said I would go gray gracefully, until it actually started happening. I have read those articles in Vogue about girls who go gray/white/silver on purpose at 25 and I fantasize about that, but I'm not completely gray and I'm just not seeing the salt & pepper look doing anything for my self esteem. Is anyone out there nearing 35 and rocking the gray? I'd love to know. And I say good on'ya for your attitude. I just haven't figured out how to deal with this in my life when I feel like I need all the help I can get, you know?

  7. sarah yates|

    thanks everyone for chiming in!

    @raya- what you're talking about is a little different- getting greys at 16 must have been stressful! having a full head of salt and pepper hair at 45 is different than at 35 or 25. i think that you have to do what makes you feel good- so if getting rid of the greys does that than by all means, be gone greys! and i'm very sure that you don't "need all the help you can get". you're adorable.

    @melissa- time will tell. i may panic in a year or two and go back to blonde. or six months. 🙂

  8. charity|

    good on you for not taking yourself so seriously and letting age happen as it does. i've been getting white hairs since i was 14 and i'm 27 now, and it's still happening, and i still stubbornly pull them out. such is life 🙂

  9. Serena \ Pretty Fluffy|

    I know it sounds crazy but those first couple of silver hairs were a godsend to me! I can remember seeing them and finally realising I wasn't 22 anymore. From that point on I made a conscious effort to be more assertive, felt a little more comfortable saying 'no' and chased my dreams that much more.
    The grey hairs were surprisingly what made me embrace and enjoy the start of my thirties.

  10. raya|

    Sarah, you're sweet. Thanks for letting me freak out on your blog – it's probably the two kids, no sleep talking. I have my gray hair cut picked out – a line bob, bangs – in 10 years or so I will rock it and I'm sure I'll love it.