how do you lift yourself out of a creative slump?

i’m going through a phase where i feel totally uninspired-by myself!  i can’t seem to take a picture that thrills me, or cook a recipe that makes me giddy, or come up with an idea that really inspires me.  i’m chugging along producing work that i stand behind but i want to GET EXCITED about something, you know?  any tips for getting inspired, or re-inspired?  what do you do when you feel just sort of meh about your creative work?  HELP!  

* cat print by wesley bird

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  1. Meg {Milk&Cotton}|

    i know exactly how you feel and sometimes it gives me a little anxiety! i find if i take the pressure off myself and head to a book store, coffee shop or art gallery things start to get the creative juices flowing. changing up your surroundings can sometimes be the trick!! :)

  2. hristina|

    I just went through some of this myself… talks over tea or drinks with friends is a good place to start, but I've been reading The Artist's Way and I cannot recommend it more! It pushes you to find your inner self, your childish wander, and before I knew it, I was doing all kinds of shooting, editing, curating, writing (every day!), and now, the creative ideas are tearing at my seams.

    Good luck! I really love this blog. I cannot wait to see what sort of inspiration / idea sparks you, and what you end up coming up with. Cheers!

  3. Joycie Weatherby|

    I know how this feels! For me, it's about trying to get some real life inspiration, away from the computer. If I have time, I like to walk around the city or nature, do something new (try a new restaurant, strike up a conversation with a friendly stranger, check out a new exhibit). And sometimes, the best thing is to go with it – creativity fibers need a little break to come back full force! XOXO

  4. Noor|

    I know how you feel and I was in one for a few weeks and thankfully it went away. BUT to answer your question you just take a break and do other things. Let it come back naturally or it wont. Thats what I had to do (I mean what choice do you have right lol).. Just enjoy a little break we all need them and sometimes our bodies tell us that in these ways.

  5. Tiffany @ Savor Home|

    I agree with the others. I had this feeling right before the holidays. I couldn't come up with a creative idea to save my life! But during the holiday break, I stepped away from the computer and took the time to read magazines, books and cookbooks. Its amazing how reading things on paper instead of a screen can be so inspiring. After the break, I was able to create a long list of things I wanted to blog about, so the break really helped!

  6. anna|

    Get out of your comfort zone! We all get stuck in the same way of seeing and thinking about things so you have to switch it up. My new years resolution last year was to try something new every week which was exhausting (and only lasted about 3 months) but I got inspired! Take a class (trapeze was amazing) or go see an exhibit even if you don't think you'll be interested in it. You might get inspired by something on the way!

  7. Lisa|

    I'm struggling with the same thing right now! I'm just trying to switch things up for inspiration…I live in Canada so instead of walking my dog I am cross county skiing with my dog. I'm also cleaning out and organizing closets and drawers which feels so good to get organized but I've also come across so many inspiring things that I had forgotten about (ticket stubs, craft supplies, old cards, etc..) that are helping to get my creativity going. Hope this helps!

  8. lucent imagery|

    I agree with the others too. Taking a break, reading, walking, decluttering. For me, I also question whether I'm looking at too many "inspiring" things and just getting overwhelmed. I've felt that with photography and cooking, so I cut back, unsubscribe etc and find that my own thoughts have more room to emerge. At the moment I'm cooking from only one recipe book on my shelf and avoiding cooking blogs! And I've taken a break from the noise of instagram. Happy new year too :)

  9. sarah yates|

    thanks so much for the suggestions everyone. today i'm headed to the spa to get a manicure with a friend. i will read magazines, relax, take a little break and see what comes… thank you thank you! xx

  10. Ingrid|

    I've been feeling this way myself…and it's awful. I decided to take a walk with my 7 year old. The light was amazing. I didn't have my camera but had my iphone..and for the first time in months I truly enjoyed playing in the light. It really was the walk, the light was the icing.

  11. Nicole|

    This happens to me more than necessary. I am a college student so being constantly inspired is a must for me, so I either buy a new pen when I need to do some writing or get a manicure when I'm feeling really meh about things. Sometimes all it takes is changing locations, so I take my science books with me to the beach and get the work done. It's all about trying a little harder for yourself.

  12. Candace|

    I feel your pain. I noticed that if I make something that does not come out well, my creative juices shut off and nothing I make is satisfying. So when I'm in a creative slump, I head out in search of something new. I don't try to force my creativity, I give it a break. I dress up cute, go exploring, focus on the ones I love, eat at a new place or check out a nursery. I just try to do something different. The minute I forget about my lack of creativity, it comes pouring back. I know you live in Palm Springs now, You should go check out the east end of the Valley. Go pick up some local honey from Shields Date Gardens or go drink a margarita and eat shrimp cocktail at the La Quinta Resort. Have some fun.

  13. Courtney|

    Travel and vacations are great suggestions. Sometimes I go for a crazy long hike or run with fun music blasting. As a blogger, I find that creative blocks or being uninspired can be very stressful. I put a lot of pressure on myself naturally and a self induced pressure to blog about my creations doesn't help! Stepping away and doing ANYTHING else can help.

    I'm an early bird so I'm most creative in first thing in the am. Maybe switching up your schedule? Stay up late nights and get loopy with exhaustion? Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere!

    I love your photographs and your blog is beautiful. I live in Los Angeles and am looking for a photography class. I'm a beginner and have a new Canon digital rebel. I struggle with taking photographs for my blog. Mostly things, occasionally people. Do you have any suggestions?!

    Thank you and good luck getting out of your slump!!

  14. jen|

    Blah…Is Mars in retrograde again? Or some other stupid planet? This shit is going around! No motivation or any creativity for me as well. It's a tad worrisome but I guess you just have to roll with it and not fight it right? I think a small glass of tequila might be the answer. And then possibly a cigarette and then a nap. ;) Good luck!

  15. Nina|

    I get like this more often than I like. When it happens, I rearrange my schedule and take a day off or even an entire weekend – I'll read, watch movies, go explore a new hiking trail…anything that relaxes me. I feel it's my body telling me I need to recharge and slow down. Hope you feel reenergized soon! :)