high waisted skinny jeans: oh my, yes! {or} oh, hell no!

so i’ve been hesitant to try high waisted skinny jeans, even though i’ve already braved the high waisted bikini bottoms (here) and the high waisted bells (here and here).  but i had concerns that the silhouette would make me feel a bit like betty boop (oh hips!).  so, what do you think? would you wear them? 

pants: blank denim, blouse: joie, shoes: free people,  sunglasses: karen walker (here and here),belt: jcrew, ring: alexis bittar, bracelett: asos

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  1. Emily|

    as ever, it depends on the body and style of the woman wearing them (or choosing not to). if it's flattering and comfortable, yes! if not, no! personally, i LOVE high-waisted pants because they balance my long-waisted silhoutte; low-waisted pants make my legs look awfully stumpy. i also have a small-ish waist and bum, which also works well with the cut; i think perhaps someone with less of a waist or too much of a pear shape might not find it as flattering. on you, with your willowy legs, they're perfectly pretty and a nice change of pace!

  2. Monica|

    i love high waisted pants from the front. It really accentuates the waist which i love but from the back, your butt ends up looking really long and flat! i wish there was a way to fix that. but you do look great!! love how you paired it with the blouse and belt.

  3. Christine|

    Yes! I am a big fan. I don't like my skinnies ultra skinny – I like them with a little bit of wrinkle around the ankles and knees. But as someone who holds all her weight in her belly I love high-waisted jeans. They're way more flattering for my body type and more flexible for styles (I can tuck in more shirts with high-waisted jeans, which can really dress up a simple t-shirt). However it really depends on the brand and on the fit. I have a pair of grey Nudie Jeans that are high-waisted that I pretty much live in!

  4. Betsy|

    You look itty bitty in them! I especially love that Joie top and wished I would've bought it during the plethora of "Friends & Family" sales!

    The Soos Is Loose

  5. sarah yates|

    thanks so much everyone! i'm still not sure, will have to try them out a few other ways before i'm sold! :)

  6. Sal|

    I think high waisted skinnies can be difficult to pull off but they are so chic when done right! I would stick to dark hues and pull it all together with thoughtful details and shoes that elongate the leg =) xx Sal


    Bluebonnets for Sal

  7. Hillary|

    The high-waisted skinnies look great on you! I have been hesitant to try them myself, because I have a very small waist but a large tush and let's call them "athletic" legs. On a tall/thin person like yourself, though, I am a big fan! Also, love the blouse.


  8. aleksi|

    I am loving your outfit posts! keep them coming! you have great taste and style.

  9. sarah yates|

    you are all too sweet, thank you! you sure do know how to make a girl feel good about herself! :)


  10. Laura|

    Hips?! Really!? What hips my dear?….you look amazing most women would kill for your figure

  11. Devon|

    If you got it, flaunt it! I like to wear my high-waisted skinnies just as you are- belted with a bit of a heel.

  12. Sam|

    I only wear high waisted skinnies! Frankly, I will never understand why people wear low rise jeans!

  13. Jemma|

    I'm with Devon!

    High waisted skinnies all the way. I wear nothing else.

    This is one of my fav outfits of yours ever & I disagree with keeping them dark. Get some light coloured ones for summer hols & wear with a James Pearse white vest. Perfect!

  14. Tess@choies|

    I found your analysis refreshing. I think all of us are guilty in some way of organizing the reality around us into whatever neat little boxes suit our requirements at the time.

    A clothing designer will group women into different shape categories according to what they have been taught or what they aim to design for.

    However most women are not a perfect apple, pear, triangle or whatever label the industry tries to use to interpret shape.