you guys,

you have to watch this video. MUST! it turned me into a weepy, slobbery, full-hearted lady who wants nothing more than to wrap my arms tightly around my husband and make sure he knows exactly how enormous my love for him is. watch it below or larger here.

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  1. anna|

    i love this! so so sweet and fabulous to hear an old married couple that just love each other so purely.

  2. Geri|

    Aww… So darn precious… You just never know. Thank you for sharing. Still trying to compose myself. Death is so final.

  3. victoria | vmac+cheese|

    I am getting married in ten days. So I can't watch things like this without crying!

    Am now considering bringing an iPad to the venue and having my pre-ceremony letter to my fiance be just a note that says 'watch this video. i love you.'

  4. Erin|

    That is heartwarming…true love is really found in the little moments in life.

  5. sarah yates|

    i'm so glad you all loved this as much as i did! it's pretty amazing. @victoria, that would be incredible! i would have loved to do that for lou. :)

  6. Ingrid|

    Thank you for sharing this. I love story corp ..and this conversation really struck a chord. Life is too short to not let the one you love know it.