pesto panzanella salad & open faced sandwich

so you remember when i said that NOTHING IS BETTER THAN HOMEMADE PESTO?  i was totally lying. what is totally and unequivocally better than homemade pesto, is homemade pesto with bread, tomato and a high quality sweet balsamic vinegar.  THAT is to die for. you have options where this is concerned.  you can chop up some fine heirloom tomatoes, chunks of fresh sourdough bread and combine in a bowl with a generous amount of pesto (recipe here), and serve on a plate with splashes of balsamic.  it’s not the prettiest, but as lou said “it made me do a dance”.  it made ME eat a ridiculous amount of tomatoes and bread.  or, if you prefer a prettier presentation, an open faced sandwich will do the trick.  either way, you positively cannot go wrong.  i would eat this every day if i could.  and the best part- it takes just minutes to whip up.  i hope you try it!  

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