vegan pesto

you know what’s better than homemade pesto?  NOTHING!  i want to eat it by the spoonful it’s just so damn yummy!  it’s also brilliantly simple- you’ll kick yourself for not making it before.  there are a million and one things to do with it once you’ve got it, and tomorrow i’ll post my first suggestion. as with all simple recipes- use the highest quality and freshest ingredients you can get your mitts on. and lastly: anyone who thinks you need parmesan cheese to make an incredible pesto is dead wrong. save money, your arteries and cows- try it vegan!

the what:

3 cups fresh basil, sans stems

1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup pine nuts

4 small/medium cloves of garlic

sea salt

the how: throw it all in a food processor and blend.  add salt to taste. show no restraint. 

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Reader Comments

  1. Linn|

    I love pesto! And making your own is actually so simple… I like the fact that I'm in control of what I put in my pesto. For example, high quality olive oil instead of sunflower oil, which is what they most often use in the ones you buy. I love that your recipe is vegan!

  2. Erin|

    Made your pesto for an impromptu dinner with friends…served with cheese tortellini and fresh french bread baguette (I know NOT vegan, but still)…so easy and SUCH a hit. Thanks for making me look like a modern-day Martha!! 😉

  3. sarah yates|

    hi sara!

    i'm not entirely sure… i always just freeze whatever t i don't think we'll eat within a few days!

  4. Miranda|

    Love homemade pesto! I too could eat it by the spoonfuls. I use all the ingredients you listed, and also throw in 2-3 kalamata olives. Btw, love your Blog!

  5. Rachel|

    Just made this recipe. I was very close to ruining it by adding too much salt (I'm very new to cooking!) but I think I saved it with more basil and some lemon. 🙂 Thanks for the tasty vegan recipe!