justin + jeanette

today i shared a wedding i shot recently for birds of a feather here (more of the decor can be seen on design sponge- it’s defintiely worth peeking at!). below are some of my favorite moments from their ceremony- and truth be told THIS is what makes me tick at weddings.  the decor, dress, and pretties are all fun and lovely, but these are the photos that matter to me the most- the moments that really convey the love and emotion of the day.  they get me every single time. (more after the jump)

in other wedding news- tomorrow we’re finally sharing our own wedding!  get excited: it’s going to be a weepy, sentimental romance-fest!


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  1. Jeanette|

    Thank you, thank you for capturing these special moments. I'm all teary eyed and giddy all over again.

  2. Michelle|

    OMG small world!!! I stumbled across your blog (LOVE IT) whilst wedding planning and I've just been reading your blog straight through only to find you and I have mutual friends! I used to date a guy in that group and hung out with Justin and Jeanette all the time!! Crazy!