snoop lion

so how do you feel about snoop’s name change?  read about it here if you’re interested.  i know, this is completely random. but i’m tickled by it and thought you might be too.  do you think it’s weird to change your name (celebrities aside)?

when i was 13 i wanted to change my name to marilyn barrett.  (combining my middle name- barrett with my teenage obsession with marilyn monroe).  god, how awful.  i’m turning pink just thinking about it!  but although i love my name now, there were times when i definitely thought it was THE WORST.  when you change your name i imagine you feel like you have a clean slate- a chance to become someone new and different. at awkward 13, that was definitely what i was looking for.  what do you think? have you thought about changing your name? would you ever do it?  

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  1. Melissa|

    In the second grade I wanted to change my name to Sarah. Then my mom had another girl and named her Sarah. Ironically, we both have the same middle name, Sue.

  2. Geri|

    Hi Sarah, I just found your blog a week ago and I was instantly captured! After perusing your history and back posts I knew I liked you. I love you are a dog person, by that I mean, treat your pups like kids! They are both adorable. It is refreshing how down to earth and transparent you are… You must have been sent to me by an angel. This past Tuesday I lost my sweet little girl/ puppy to chronic hepatitis. It went fast and I am in shock. My heart has a giant hole in it. Your blog has helped me more than you'll know and I wanted to tell you. My girl was 6 years old and I too have hundreds of different pictures of her. She was an excellent model and loved the camera! Her name was laniebear.xx

  3. Anni|

    I still think Snoop Lion is… strange… but I'll totally admit to having an obsession with changing my name when I was younger. I was 4 when I told anyone who would listen "call me Jessica!" over and over, and for awhile, since my family moved around every couple of years, I was convinced that I'd use a new name at the next school with my fresh start. I actually did end up kind of changing my name when I was 11, I dropped the "e" from Anni and never brought it back.

  4. sarah yates|

    @melissa- were you mad when your mom named your sister sarah? i didn't grow up with siblings but i can imagine that would've brought out my bratty side! :)
    @ geri, i'm so so sorry to hear about your pup. what a heartbreaking story! thank you so much for the kind words and i will be thinking of you and laniebear. xx

    @anni- i am SO glad to read that you obsessed about that as a kid too! i mean, 4 and 13 are a little different and i'm still a weirdo but it does make me feel a littler better. :)

  5. Rose|

    I love the name change for Snoop! Personally, I believe that a name change can be very powerful. I changed my name in College from Roseanne to Rose. I guess that is more of a name chop but it meant a lot to me. I never liked my given name – always felt too country and childish. Rose just felt more sophisticated to me (and easier for people to remember and to spell!). Life is short, right?! Live it like you mean it!!!! Go Snoop Lion!

  6. Kelly Golightly|

    God bless Snoop. Dogg or Lion.

    When I had my first businessy internship in college, instead of going by my first name, Kelly, I introduced myself by my middle name, Nicole. I thought it sounded much more sophisticated and Melrose Placey. I was business woman Nicole conquering the world.


    Until one day when my parents made an emergency call to the office. Asking for Kelly. Confusion set in. No Kelly worked there. Kelly Nicole Lee? Oooh you mean Nicole?

    After that, everyone just called me Steve.

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