pineapple salsa

this light and refreshing summer salsa has been quite the popular treat in our house lately. it’s simple to prepare and adds a huge amount of flavor to a meal. plus it satisfies my sweet tooth!  is this even a recipe if the instructions are to just combine ingredients and eat?  not sure about that one, but i hope you enjoy!  

the what:

2 cups of fresh chopped pineapple (small pieces!)

3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

1 jalapeno pepper, de-seeded and finely chopped (add more for a spicier salsa)

2 pinches of sea salt (more to taste)

the how:

mix all ingredients, chill for 1 hour,  and serve!  

*be careful when preparing anything with jalapenos, even though they aren’t the hottest pepper it will burn like mad if you get it in your eyes!  thoroughly clean cutting board /utensils/your hands after chopping.

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Reader Comments

  1. rita|

    combining ingredients is my favorite type of cooking! i've made something similar but with pineapple and mango and it is delicious!

  2. Erika|

    Love fruit salsa. Can't wait to try pineapple. You must try my Mango Salsa…check it out on my blog, just search mango salsa. Trust me you will be a fan!

  3. pc501|

    I've been making this for years with just a few changes. Mine originally came from Whole Foods where they sampled this with mild white fish. I often serve it over fish or chicken on top of brown rice with lots of barely wilted spinach on the bottom. My recipe called for 1/2 cup finely chopped red onion, the zest and juice of one lime, and one Serrano chile deseeded and finely chopped instead of jalapeno. It only gets better with age, make double!