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happy friday all!  lou and i are in the midst of planning a little european getaway in september. i’ll be shooting a wedding for birds of a feather in ireland and then we’re going to sneak off to either greece or spain for a little beachy getaway.  we haven’t been out of the country since last summer so we’re due for an adventure!  where are your favorite travel destinations? i’d love any and all recommendations!  *photo above from new zealand.  i can’t remember where exactly we were but isn’t it crazy beautiful?!  wishing you a fun and relaxing weekend! xo

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  1. Michelle|

    I haven't been to Greece but Barcelona is gorgeous. The beaches in Croatia are good too (stoney but warm clear sea).

  2. Jen|

    I would highly recommend San Sebastian, in Spain! So fun, relaxing. Amazing beach, total foodie heaven.

  3. kay*|

    I just shot a wedding in Ireland (in June) and though I wanted to head off afterwards to somewhere in Europe I ended up staying my extra week in Ireland and do not regret the decision. Might I suggest the same? Ireland is such a beautiful country; there is so much to see and the people are quite lovely as well….

  4. Ruthie Ruth|

    Come to Spain Sarah! you won't regret it!! great weather, yummy food and nice people. If you're around Barcelona I'd suggest going to Girona (Costa Brava) there are beautiful little villages in the coast like Begur, Palafrugell and Tamariu.

  5. milicacello|

    Hi!Well,if you're going to Greece,then definitely Skiathos!Or Sithonia..
    Someone said that sea in Croatia was warm,I have to say that was probably a lucky incident,Adriatic is so cold…If you lean towards Spain,I'd suggest Barcelona,beach is fun,sea is warm,and then there's,well,Barcelona!If you need any other information feel free to ask,I'm from Europe so I've been pretty much everywhere,especially in Greece.

  6. linda|

    visit the netherlands! end of summer / early fall is wonderful in amsterdam & surroundings and you have good chance for nice weather… and from there easy to travel to paris / berlin / rome / etc.
    you are more than welcome to stay in my house – give me an email and we'll hook up!

  7. Carrie|

    Croatia!! Stunning beaches, amazing food, easy and beautiful island hopping, incredible history. Did I mention super affordable? We were there a couple summers ago and loved it – happy planning!

    our view: summer 2010

  8. sarah yates|

    thanks so much for all the recs everyone! i could spend days just googling all of these places (which i will, of course)! YAY! xo

  9. mes bijoux|

    maybe because I'm form Barcelona, I suggest you my city. But it is a good place to visit coastal villages (Sitges, at only 30 minuts) or go to the Costa Brava (litlle bit far, but with stunning villages too). The beach at Bracelona city is not very good, but if you have not more time… Anyway, if you come to my country, let me know and I will suggest you lot of places, restaurants…

  10. Nel|

    I would suggest Croatia as well! Very beautiful, should still be warm in September and all in all amazing! Been there once, would love to go back! Italy is also close by so you could do a boat trip?

  11. sarah yates|

    thanks so much for the suggestions! croatia seems to be winning. but we're totally procrastinating (hello indecisiveness, let's be best friends!).