moonrise kingdom

hey friends!  what do you have planned for your weekend?  lou and i will be taking care of business, lots of work and personal chores but sometime in the mix i’m insisting that we go see moonrise kingdom, wes anderson’s newest movie. don’t the stills have you so intrigued?!  or have you already seen it? (no spoilers please!) i haven’t been this excited to see a movie in quite a bit!

photos from IMBD

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  1. Karlee|

    It is one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time, definitely go see it! I want to go and see it again. =)

  2. Camille Marie|

    the movie is magical. you will absolutely love it. the cast is great and you can't beat young love. i left there on cloud nine. enjoy!!

  3. Libby|

    I'm seeing it tomorrow. I believe it's set in Maine too, which as a Mainer is as exciting to me as seeing Bill Murray in a Wes Anderson role.