sit / nibble

since the weather has been a bit all over the place, so have my cravings. last night i wanted nothing more than a spicy black bean soup.  and today for lunch i would much prefer a bloody mary gazpacho!  and of course, some chairs i wouldn’t mind making my own.  I II III IV and a few other things from around the internet that i fell in love with this week….

i love this lady’s hair and style, major envy

i think this looks especially tasty

the cuteness going on here actually hurts

a to-do list that we’d probably all benefit from

josie maran is such a huge inspiration, and she couldn’t look more beautiful here

this is my kind of vintage, so good

jessie looking adorable in boyfriend jeans. i might have to give them a try after all

so cute and so true

the perfect pop of yellow that might satisfy my latest obsession

have a fantastic weekend my friends!  

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  1. Gabby / En Route Photography|

    Sarah… I must have been living in a cave! Seriously…. for years now if people asked me who my favorite photographer was I always always mentioned you, plus back in the days I had a pretty successful lifestyle blog and still I haven't found out about The House in the Hills until this week…. needless to say, I'm hooked!!!!! Thank you for pouring out your heart, opening the door to your house and daring to be you! I've always loved you but now I'm obsessed with you! (in a not so creepy way! ;)) I hope one day we'll get to grab a coffeee somewhere in the world. Greetings from a fellow wedding photographer from Barcelona, Spain! ;)

  2. sarah yates|

    thanks so much gabby, that is so sweet of you to write! see you in barcelona someday hopefully! :)